Carlos Hair Grooming for Men ~ Solvang, CA, USA

Called to see how much a straight edge shave would be?

$55 for a shave!!! I thought I heard him wrong, so I politely asked again, and yup sure enough $55.

I suppose some people have no concept of value, but if I want consistant business in a slow economy, I would better utilitze my services but pleasing a large group of people.

Let’s be honest, the type of people who want a straight edge can usually afford to pay decent prices for it, I am one of them. BUT, I also appreciate the dollar, and realize that this is complete and utter SHIT!

I would gladly pay 20 or $25 for a good shave, with a neck trim and a bit of a neck massage, taking about 30 minutes total (had this several places all throughout the USA). For $20, Id come back twice a month, it just makes for a great shave and even better pampering for a man!

Carlos of Solvang IS NOT going to make it if he keeps this up…Barber shops are NOT meant to be this expensive!

Carlos, when you are ready for some business, call me until then Ill keep driving by on my way to SB to get a shave.

Barber Shop, Carlos Hair Grooming for Men

606 Alamo Pintado Rd
Solvang, CA 93463

(805) 688-3220

Shoot, I am even giving you free advertising….call this guy, tell him to lower his prices!


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