Random Acts of Culture ~ An expose on arts, a flash dance ~ Somewhere in the USA

Have you experienced a Random Act of Culture? Think Mozart at the Food Court. A little tango in an airport terminal. A “Hallelujah” in the shoe department – of the Handel variety, that is.

Knight Foundation is helping produce 1,000 of these Random Acts of Culture over the next three years, bringing classical artists out of the performance halls, into the streets – and our everyday lives. Performances are taking place through a variety of partners in Akron, Ohio; Charlotte, N.C.; Detroit, Mich.; Macon, Ga.; Miami, Fla.; Philadelphia, Pa.; San Jose, Calif.; and St. Paul, Minn.

This is like the Michael Jackson flashmob of 2090 but on a much more intense level.

Michael Jackson – Beat It

This is the official clip from BOUNCE & Friends. More than 300 dancers met at 15.30, got informed and then
learned the choreography in 30 min. Less then 1 hour later they performed it.
A big thank you to all the dancers who made this possible….*

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