Love Movie – by William Eubank Produced by ANGELS & AIRWAVES

The film, directed by Will Eubank (who apparently built the space station set in his parents’ backyard (which makes the look of this trailer even more mind blowing)), will play the Santa Barbara Film Festival on February 2, 2011, and is still awaiting distribution. Plus, we’ve been given a new poster to share:

Directed by William (Will) Eubank Produced by Angels and Airwaves

Love Movie Poster

See the premiere of the film at the 2011 Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
FEB 2nd, 4th and 5th.

Writer, Director – William Eubank
Executive Producer – Tom DeLonge
Executive Producer – Mark Eaton
Executive Producers – Angels & Airwaves
Music By – Angels & Airwaves
Captain Lee Miller – Gunner Wright
Producer – Dan Figur
Producer – Vertel Scott
Producer – Nate Kolbeck
Associate Producer – Chase Rudolph
Director Of Photography – William Eubank
Editor – Brian Berdan, A.C.E.
Editor – Scott Chestnut
Production Designer – William Eubank
Sound Designer – Bob Kellough
Sound Mixer – Andy Koyama
Music Co-Producer & Engineer – Critter

What do you think?

Check out the trailer in even higher res over at Apple.

  1. Great poster, great trailer.

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