Nikon D7000 – My new baby

I love lamp by Aaron Villa

I love lamp by Aaron Villa

After about 3 weeks of searching, hunting, and yelling I finally got my hands on the new Nikon D7000 camera by Nikon.

I will say this is a huge step up from my D90 by Nikon. I have already taken many low light images, and there are about twice the quality overall.

This baby is quiet, has more functionality in low light, and dual SD card slots make this a huge step up for only a couple hundred dollars.

My one suggestion, just like the Nikon D90, is buy a camera grip. With your pro level lenses, this is not bulky enough to really support the full mass of the lens on front, however if you find yourself lugging it around maybe a grip isnt for you? I also purchased (a while back) 2 Vanguard carying cases. One in a shoulder sling messaganger style, and one is for durable long travels. Both are amazing!



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