How To Run In Time… Not Against It

I don’t normally post my business minded think on the site, but this was a great article found here: By Mark Heerema

Make Rules To Live By

Through my experience of watching small differences of time utilization create drastic differences for sales pro’s, there are ten rules you can being implementing today to begin changing your results. Here they are in no specific order with a brief explanation:

Rule #1: Plan Your Day. Jim Rohn, a premier expert in the field of personal development said many people spend more time planning vacations than they do their lives! Our days are no different. We take time to plan our vacations so they are enjoyable and we do what we want. Why are the days we work any different?

Rule #2: Give Yourself Time to “Clean Up.” “I’ll do that first thing in the morning, then I’ll get out,” you promise yourself. The next morning while you are completing your task an email comes through that catches your attention. Before you know it, it’s 11:00 a.m. and your day is doomed. Advice: get home at a time that warrants you the opportunity to clean up your day. Starting fresh the next morning is a great feeling!

Rule #3: “What is my ROI?” Remember, there are a number of psychological factors that influence our behavior, so check your actions often. Ask yourself, “Is this THE most productive action I can be accomplishing right now?” If not, try and juggle your to-do’s and tackle the more productive option.

Rule #4: Adopt A Minimalist Mentality. A minimalist approach is effective WHEN it is appropriate. A minimalist mentality is, doing the minimum work to meet the expectation. Once the expectation is met, move on! A huge time abuser is when we go unnecessarily overboard. The key to working this mentality correctly is using your professional intuition.

Rule #5: Take Your Pick – In or Out. Do your best to devote each day to being in or out. Doing a bit of both is a time killer. Barring a customer emergency, commit to one or the other. Your production WILL rise!

Rule #6: You’ll Do What You Focus On. Get rid of the term, “Office Day.” When that is your focus that is what people spend their time on, office stuff! The next time you are in for the day tell yourself that you have a “phone prospecting day.” The saying, “You get what you focus on,” IS true.

Rule #7: Eight is Great. Next time you are setting an appointment, be the initiator and ask to meet them at 8:00 a.m. or earlier if possible. If you hesitate, they will likely throw out something later, and that’s fine as long as you try first! There isn’t anything tastier than soft, warm pillow in the a.m., but your day will be much more productive when you are pushed out early!

Rule #8: Chunk Your Time. Think of accomplishing your tasks like you are working an assembly line. Minimize your screen and check your emails every hour. Do all your price quotes, research, or calls in chunks. Touching too many things at once just isn’t effective.

Rule #9: Do the Most Important First. One way to effectively chunk your time is to block off time first thing in the morning to make prospect calls. My morning usually had 8-10 a.m. booked for calls. That way you KNOW it will get done. If you put those calls off, we both know the chances of it getting done later.

Rule #10: Windshield Time = Learning Time. How many hours do you think you spend behind the wheel every week? Imagine how much you could learn on a topic if you CHOSE to invest that time in personal development. You could become an expert in any field of study within a few years! So, this past week, how has the material you’ve been listening to made you more money or a better person?

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