Hanakapiai Beach 

What a perfect morning for a hike and a snorkel. 

Along the Kalaua trails you will find many little nooks and crannies of perfection.  From caves to scenic vistas, snorkeling in the ocean to floating beneath a 300 foot waterfall.  

This morning I decided to pack in my snorkel and fins so that when I made it back to beach I was ready!  I always end up taking a simple short dip in ocean on my first stop along the hike but today I made it my final destination; my purpose. 

I snorkeled for about an hour all around the rocks and little bit of reef boarding the beach front. Although there are much better spots for snorkeling on Kaua’i, today’s adventure provided the most beautiful schools of fish. There is always something magical to me when I can sojourn into someone else’s world even if but for a moment. To float only a few feet away and be apart of their world was beautiful. I wish I could join them for a day to experience truly their world. Take me to school! 

Although it takes about 45 min to an hour to hike the two miles up and down a few different valleys it is worth it to be so secluded (and without cell service!!!) 

My suggestion is to pack light but always bring a little bit more food and water than you think you need. The heat, hike and terrain lend itself to exhaustion. Avid hikers can be found suffering all along the trail. This is not say this some crazy difficult hike because it is not. It just requires a little forethought and planning.  

Conclusion: Take your time, bring your best friend, enjoy the views and soak up all of God’s beauty. He loves you and shines His face upon us through His glorious creation. 

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