Night Hikes

My day completely got away from me and after a long rough one, I decided to hike it out!  Sometimes I just end up cooking a big fatty meal and other days I end up just being a fat blob and watching TV, today was going to be different. I freakin live in Kaua’i! Me, Aaron Villa, in Kaua’i! Never in a million years did I think I might move to Kaua’i!!

Back to the point, a hike at night was not really my intention and usually this hike takes about an hour (2 miles total). This is the Sleeping Giant. There are two trails for this hike that diverge about 3/5th of the way to the top.  I took the shorter route due to the time I had not knowing the sun was already rapidly descending! This made for the perfect weather but coming back down the mountain in the dark was quite entertaining!

The highlight was my descension, the lights over the Kapa’a skyline were magnificent.  Being a city of about 17 thousand people and the biggest on the island, it still feels very small and is not completely cluttered with light.  

Enjoy this photo by me, Aaron Villa

Downtown Kapaa at night from Sleeping Giant trail

Photo by Aaron Villa of Wailua River mouth

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