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Coffee Break

I spent the morning coffee break at my local beach break: Kealia Beach in Kapaa on the island of Kaua’i.  

There is something magical almost super natural when you stop and enjoy the sounds of the ocean’s roar and let the salty air clean you up!


La Jolla ~ a day at the beach


Nothing beats a cold (sarcas, it was almost 80 degrees out) Winter day in beautiful San Diego.

This shot was taken by my phone of a little beach off of La Jolla Shores. A simple but beautiful spot especially at Sunset.

When Chickens Build Community – Mission Year – Mike Nienaber

When Chickens Build Community / Mission Year / Mike Nienaber.

“Chicken Coops and Community – Some Do’s and Don’ts for Building Both. ”

“Don’t: Stick to a rigid schedule of tasks, deadlines and expectations.
Do: Invite the kids next door to help you pick out names for the new Chickens. (Most creative and/or funny name wins a PRIZE!!). And don’t worry if it slows you down a bit…maybe that’s a good thing! (Matthew 6: 33-34)”

Full article at link above


My inner child ~ The Cannon ball

I am Aaron Villa, this is my Cannon balllll

Aaron Villa doing the best cannon ball EVER!

The fine art of the Cannon ball

RingCentral ~ down, AGAIN

I have been using RingCentral for over 3 years, to very mixed reviews. I really hope something better comes out soon. Terrible customer service, no communication, and mediocre quality. If it werent so cheap and basic I would have switched 3 years ago.

Needless to say, the entire network of RingCentral is down this morning.

Introduce pissed off customers here:!/search/ringcentral

I use you for my lively hood, for work, you are not supposed to be down for this long without at least an explanation.

100 acre woods – Santa Ynez Valley Mountains

I say it time and time again, I love where I live. The beautiful SYV Mountains just above the SYV River / fault line. A beautiful spring evening with just me and my Nikon d7000 and my 24 by 70 f/2.8 lens. Nothing like sunset 10 seconds from your house. Not sure where you live, but this is my home!

Magic Mtn – Junior Blind Olympics – Santa Clarita, CA USA

I was fortunate enough to be a human guide for a sponsored event after the Junior Blind Olympics at Magic Mountain in California.

I met the most amazing man, his name was Coach Cody Colchado. Article on him here  Video of him here: