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Night Hikes

My day completely got away from me and after a long rough one, I decided to hike it out!  Sometimes I just end up cooking a big fatty meal and other days I end up just being a fat blob and watching TV, today was going to be different. I freakin live in Kaua’i! Me, Aaron Villa, in Kaua’i! Never in a million years did I think I might move to Kaua’i!!

Back to the point, a hike at night was not really my intention and usually this hike takes about an hour (2 miles total). This is the Sleeping Giant. There are two trails for this hike that diverge about 3/5th of the way to the top.  I took the shorter route due to the time I had not knowing the sun was already rapidly descending! This made for the perfect weather but coming back down the mountain in the dark was quite entertaining!

The highlight was my descension, the lights over the Kapa’a skyline were magnificent.  Being a city of about 17 thousand people and the biggest on the island, it still feels very small and is not completely cluttered with light.  

Enjoy this photo by me, Aaron Villa

Downtown Kapaa at night from Sleeping Giant trail

Photo by Aaron Villa of Wailua River mouth


I Feel Glorious #ifeelglorious

I have been a Macklemore fan for about 5 or so years now and having seen him/them in concert a few times they can definitely bring an epic show. Ben Haggerty and Ryan Lewis put so much heart and soul into their work and it shows at every turn.  From their boy on the trumpet (and his daughter too) to all the accompanied musicians, it just shows that there is a family here.

His new song which was released today, Glorious, absolutely beams with love and depth. A song dedicated to his grandma Helen turning 100 years old, blew me away.  Having just lost my grandma a few short weeks at 93, I miss her deeply. The best part is she and I often went on fun/silly adventures as seen in Macklemore’s new video.  Our times together sitting on her patio, going out to dinner, meeting up with her friends or mine or sometimes just going for a long drive on a beautiful day were always a celebration of love. Our love for each other and our love for those God put in our path. I miss her more each day and daily find reminders of her that prick an open wound. But like Ben, I took video and photos our times together, I held her hand tight and did everything I could to love and serve her. She taught me how to love and be loved, she taught me how to laugh at myself and most of all she taught me the joy of music and singing. Cora (my grandmother) sang and sang and sang until there was nothing left to sing, and on that day she went Home to be with the Lord – May 25th, 2017. She is now singing and dancing and laughing with her husband.

This video made me smile,albeit with a tear in my eye.  I miss you MorMor, but I know I will laugh and sing with you again one day.


Published on Jul 6, 2017

GLORIOUS available now!

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Butterfly Queen


Sun beams ~ Nou Nou Trail

Love watching the sun peak through the clouds as I hike my local mountain here on Kaua’i. Locals call it Sleeping Giant but it is formally known as NouNou trail.

Nothing beats a sunset Vista from high atop a beautiful rock.

I am loving the Albezia trees that canvas our island.

Aaron Villa

Sunset above Wailua river on NouNou trail

All things work together for good…

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28 NASB

Photo from Tunnels Beach, Kaua’i by Aaron Villa – AV

Pursue Righteousness

Fight the good fight. Paul was an amazing example of fighter, a grandmaster of holding fast to the Word of God and using it to His glory.His charge for my life: Pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness and gentleness.

1 Timothy 6:11‭-‬12 ESV

Obedience ~ Spiritual Social Experiment

What a beautiful sunrise in Anahola Kaua’i. Living on the east side of the island these last few months have been an incredible season to hear, see and live with God. 

I decided around the second day of my time on the island to submit fully to God and everything He asked of me however small. Buy I decided to take it one step further and try to do a smidge better than anything asked of me.  If I was asked to wash the dishes, I would wash them perfectly and then organize all of them. If I was asked to put the groceries away I would spend some extra time reorganizing the entire pantry. I do not say this to show off but simply to explain the rules of engagement.  This was my spiritual social experiment. 

As I engaged and dug in, long days trying to be as diligent as possible I began to see the blessings trickle down on me like the morning fog. 

Blessing 1: The pantry key.  I was given the only key anyone can get while in this ministry other than the Pastors. This meant more responsibility yes, but it meant I controlled the food. An odd blessing but when you are hankering for that special snack or the last ice cream, you are stoked. But more to the point, when you are faithful and diligent with the little things the Lord blesses you.

Blessing 2. The bus driver.  I have become the driver for most of our team outings. It is also a very random blessing but when you are proving you can manage these tasks you are asked to handle the larger tasks.  Trust is built. When there is trust, good and mighty things come. 

Blessing 3. Team Mom.  I have basically assumed the roll of the half time cheerleader who drives kids to and fro and provides snacks for the whole team.  How is this a blessing? Well it allows me to love and serve my fellow brothers in a the most covert way.  They think I’m just doing my chore but little do they know I am being blessed.  Hospitality is a gift and it is a gift that’s puts me in the covering of my King.

To be continued….

Old Santa Ynez Day ~ Ranch Church



What a day! The men’s ministry at the Ranch Church blessed the Santa Ynez Valley with snow cones and laughter. A bunch of knuckleheads got together to put ourselves out there and serve our community in a very simple way and what a blast it was!

I love serving alongside these men…see you kids at Danish Days!