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Coffee Break

I spent the morning coffee break at my local beach break: Kealia Beach in Kapaa on the island of Kaua’i.  

There is something magical almost super natural when you stop and enjoy the sounds of the ocean’s roar and let the salty air clean you up!


The Roasted Bean ~ Santa Ynez, California ~ CLOSED FOR BUSINESS

Middle of August 2010 is going to be a sad day in the Santa Ynez Valley for many residents who want a cup of joe. They will meet their morning wake up call with a closed sign. The “locally world famous” Roasted Bean will be closed “due to failed lease negotiations”.

Once known for their killer smoothies and cute charm, it is not going to be the same in the SYV without it. It was the place you came to be seen and to meet your friends, it will be no longer.

The best thing that ever happen to the Roasted Bean was Green Star coffee. Not only is the best coffee in the Santa Ynez Valley hands down, it is probably the best in all of the 805. I have been to several coffee shops that serve it and wherever I go it is the same amazing richness and quality. I will miss my dopio espresso cubano.

August in Santa Ynez is going to be a hard month for many locals who go there every morning at the same time.

Here’s to new traditions!

The Roasted bean is CLOSED

San Diego ~ Del Mar ~ Encinitas ~ Point Loma

One of my favorite places to relax and vacation is Del Mar (just north of San Diego) off the 5 Freeway.

From Mimis Diner to E street coffee to the Gas lamp district, there is so much to do in such great location.

Woke up this morning and surfed Torrey Pines, waves pumping through and a balmy 63 degrees it was a great change up from the colder Santa Barbara weather.

Just after surfing my favorite thing to do is eat, and eat I did. There is a solid little mexican food restaurant on Carmel Valley Road just across from the beach. Surfing and mexican food warms my heart.

More updates coming soon, I am only in the middle of my trip….

The Bull Dog Cafe



Every afternoon I get my dopio espress cubano @ the same place.

The best all around coffee house in the Santa Ynez Valley. Located on the 246 and open 7 days a week, right in the heart of downtown solvang.