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Obedience ~ Spiritual Social Experiment

What a beautiful sunrise in Anahola Kaua’i. Living on the east side of the island these last few months have been an incredible season to hear, see and live with God. 

I decided around the second day of my time on the island to submit fully to God and everything He asked of me however small. Buy I decided to take it one step further and try to do a smidge better than anything asked of me.  If I was asked to wash the dishes, I would wash them perfectly and then organize all of them. If I was asked to put the groceries away I would spend some extra time reorganizing the entire pantry. I do not say this to show off but simply to explain the rules of engagement.  This was my spiritual social experiment. 

As I engaged and dug in, long days trying to be as diligent as possible I began to see the blessings trickle down on me like the morning fog. 

Blessing 1: The pantry key.  I was given the only key anyone can get while in this ministry other than the Pastors. This meant more responsibility yes, but it meant I controlled the food. An odd blessing but when you are hankering for that special snack or the last ice cream, you are stoked. But more to the point, when you are faithful and diligent with the little things the Lord blesses you.

Blessing 2. The bus driver.  I have become the driver for most of our team outings. It is also a very random blessing but when you are proving you can manage these tasks you are asked to handle the larger tasks.  Trust is built. When there is trust, good and mighty things come. 

Blessing 3. Team Mom.  I have basically assumed the roll of the half time cheerleader who drives kids to and fro and provides snacks for the whole team.  How is this a blessing? Well it allows me to love and serve my fellow brothers in a the most covert way.  They think I’m just doing my chore but little do they know I am being blessed.  Hospitality is a gift and it is a gift that’s puts me in the covering of my King.

To be continued….